easy charging

Paying for a charging session should be as easy as paying for a refueling session.

The challenge today

Charging tariff S

Recommended up to 250 km mileage/month


Our goal

A calibration law-compliant and charging station-independent solution for ad-hoc payment with variable tariffs.

Certification of cloud-based software in conjunction with a tariff display device to be combined as an additional device with different, conformity-rated charging stations.

The additional device does not have to be mentioned in the certification of the charging stations. The charging stations are named in the certification of the additional device.

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The ev-pay approach leads to CPO empowerment

ev-pay Tariff server

The heart of the system is the ev-pay tariff server (EPTS), which stores historical tariff information in a trustworthy manner.
Consumers can see at any time which tariff applied to their charging process and when.

On request, the EPTS provides the currently valid tariff to the payment station.

The payment station is only connected to the charging station via the cloud (retrofitting possible from 01.01.2027 in accordance with the AFIR)!
The CPMS (Charge Point Management System) of the CPO can continue to be used. The charging cards will continue to be billed in it.
The EPTS monitors the entire process and the accuracy of the ad hoc billing process and ensures a reliable link between the measured values and the tariff.
The receipt can be called up afterwards.

Here we are in coordination with the PTB.
The ev-pay approach was presented on 12.12.2023 at the Bonn calibration law conference on the premises of Deutsche Telekom and was also taken up as a proposed solution for the billing of ad hoc charging processes in compliance with calibration law.

Your benefits with us from the 2nd half of 2024

Ad hoc store with Girocard, debit and credit card via local payment terminal with the following advantages.
ev-pay focuses exclusively on the processes in the ad hoc store and receives a percentage of the transactions carried out.

Charging scenarios

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Where is ev-pay used?

The ev-pay offer is needed in essential charging scenarios and will greatly simplify public* charging!
*Public charging is anywhere where the Emobilist is unknown to the CPO and can charge on the CPO’s property.

ev-pay founding team

Dominik Freund

Managing Director

Felix Blum

Managing Director

Reinhard Blum

Managing Director